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Marc Maron!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 22

MARC MARON – the comedian, the philosopher, the podcaster… THE LEGEND. Is. On. Our. (Totally Laime) Podcast –  if this means that the world is spinning off it’s axis, we don’t give a shit because we have MARC fucking MARON on!! Enjoy.


Michael G says:

Let me summarize the second Ned Mencia show for you:

Ned: “Dis out of hand, bro. Let me clarify dis: I’m top dog, muthafucka. Dere.”

Maron in closing: “Well, I think he made a good case for himself, and this is just between comedians anyway. No one should feel outraged or anything by this guy. Later.”

I wouldn’t recommend listening to that show, actually. It pissed me off even more than the first.

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