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Harris Wittels!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 43

Are ya’ll ready to fall in love? For Thanksgiving, Elizabeth and Psychic Andy thought we should give you, our beloved Laimewads, a glimpse inside a love connection – in this case with HARRIS WITTELS, writer for Parks and Recreation and the Sarah Silverman Program! He’s adorable. He’s hilarious. His cock shot is in Sarah Silverman’s book. Enough said. Enjoy!


Krista says:

Love the podcast but the Phish jam at the end made me want to KILL myself. Seriously. I couldn’t listen to the last 2 minutes of the podcast. I hope I didn’t miss the dramatic conclusion! You guys rock (despite loving Phish). xoxo!

Erica says:

ANDY! Seriously dissappointed in your HTown comment!! I’m also like 4 years late so you’re forgiven.. Houston can be a shit ass town and I’m born and raised but if y’all ever get down this way I would be more than happy to show the whole fam and DAMN good time!

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