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Tami Sagher!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 65

Brace yourself for some major gushing Laimewads! Elizabeth’s kind of infatuated with this guest so it was terribly exciting  to have comedy writer/performer TAMI SAGHER on TLP.  Lucky for us, Tami is as lovely as she is funny, and we laughed our way through the entire episode. Elizabeth’s infatuation has now been elevated to pure adoration! Enjoy.


name for guests says:


Some random comments for ya all

1) out of context pop psych analysis of Tami’s rude comment, maybe the older lady wasn’t condemning you but feeling remorseful for never having children and you can take that sadness and turn it into compassion for her cause you’re awesome like that.

2) this is so fucking random but the thought came to me while listening to your podcast and I’ve thought about it a bit and would like to hear your thoughts. so you’re not down with Michael Vick and the whole dog killing incident right? Ya kind of a rheortical but it’s an important foundation for the thought experiment.

So the whole world hated on Vik for the whole dog fighting thing which is understandable, but how is that any different then factory farming.

Both treat animals like shit by locking them in cages/pens essentially tourturing the animals for profit. How do we justify one while giving it governmant subsidies while throwing the other in jail.

I know your a vegetarian and all but you hate on vic while sleeping with andy, explain yourself.

admin says:

Hey~ Thanks for listening and for the comment! Who are you by the way?

So, to answer your michael vic versus factory farming question/thought – yes they are both gross but not comparable in my opinion. Factory farming, although the process can be disgusting and inhumane, is done to feed people which isn’t inherently wrong. Dog fighting is done for sick pleasure, torturing innocent dogs into killing one another solely for the perverse joy of horrible evil people. It breeds hatred and suffering.
Also, andy is conscientious and eats organic, humanely raised meat – so I can still sleep with him 🙂 !!

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