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Jesse Case!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 71

This one’s for the kids! Masturbation, Pornography, And our life’s regrets are all discussed with hilarious stand up comedian JESSE CASE! All we need is a clown and some balloon animals and it’s a party! Enjoy.


Andrew C says:

That was kind of interesting. Elizabeth got pulled out of her comfort zone by this guy. I would love to see what happens if they start booking more stand up comics that they don’t really know.
That’s the thing about stand ups. They need to have strong opinions, otherwise, they aren’t interesting on stage. This guy was obviously pretty damaged ,but , trying to figure some stuff out. I think these kinds of guests might expand Elizabeths pallet a little.

mcjilly says:

This guy was such an idiot, but worse, unfunny. Ugh, dreadful, he’s the kind of guy you’re talking to at a party that you immediately try to find an exit strategy. This is one of the few totally laimes I couldn’t continue listening to.

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