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Busy Philipps & Marc Evan Jackson!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 72

She is a person (with a critics’ choice award nomination for her role in Cougar Town!) in the public crowd who needs gates and he is a person with a voice so glorious it deserves it’s own blazer podcast. BUSY PHILIPPS and MARC EVAN JACKSON, cast members of TLP’s new favorite live show, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, came over and kept Elizabeth and Psychic Andy laughing for the entire hour. Psychopaths, marriage, and DVR lists are discussed! Enjoy.


Justrob says:

Does the meat come from lesbian cows? I thought the Mackenzie Phillips incest thing was known before Celebrity rehab was on the air. Sparks Nevada is cool.

Stacy says:

Elizabeth and Sidekick Psychic Andy (who really is psychic)!
You guys are phenomenal! Love you, even though I will admit I tried not to, and started listening pretty late in the game… I am totally all in! Oh my goodness gracious you make me giggle! Mr. Jackson~ killed this one! But all the people you have on are ridiculous! Congrats! Keep it up! Thank You for a hilarious podcast (made me lol at work!) and Wooo! Thank You! Thank You! And reverting back to episode 59, dude, Wells Fargo totally ripped me off with a counterfeit $100, from the teller! Boo Ya crappy institution! Wow, did I go to far? Sorry! Anyway, you are super loved, please don’t stop the music! xoxo

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