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Paul F Tompkins!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 76

The Man, The Legend, The Dapperest Dude of them all, PAUL F TOMPKINS came over to TLP’sΒ  humble abode and charmed the bejesus out of everyone. Elizabeth is still in puddle form. So is Ruby. Enjoy!


Dan says:

Paul F Tompkins is awesome.

Congrats elizibeth on the 1k twitter followers!!!!!!! (the little widget says you’re at 999, so this is a preemptive congratulations but it still counts.)

d says:

sidebar andy – the story was, the guy was trying to drive legally on a street that had been taken over by a biker group. He had honked, trying to clear the street for him to get through, and instead, some bikers started hitting his car with their bike locks.

Freaked out, he thought he was being attacked by the “gang” of bikers, and so he accelerated thru the crowd in a panic.

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