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Shelby Fero!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 86

She’s our youngest guest ever (17 years old!) and perhaps the first to teach Elizabeth an honest lesson in maturity, SHELBY FERO came on TLP and kept it real. Listen to see why she’s one of our favorite twitterers (follow her at @shelbyfero if you’re one of the five people who isn’t already!) and a rising star in comedy. ENJOY!


GermPhobic says:

Hey Germ- Sorry u need 20 more IQ points to get Shelby. But you’re right, in 10 years when she’s the hottest property in Hollywood you’ll love to see her.

raggy says:

I agree with Germ!
shelby’s answers & comments had that know-it-all quality mixed with naivety that raised the “teenager/child!” alert in my control room and I had a tough time listening to the whole interview.

A double “Totally” for bald vaginas. Practicality, efficiency. YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING! And you can get there without major brush clearing. The shorter the better. And it’s totally feminist. It says “no excuses this time, I trimmed the hedges, now mow that hairless lawn!”

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