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Dan Harmon!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 130

With success brings fame, property ownership, housekeepers, and… prostitution? Ok, maybe not that last one. Community’s Dan Harmon discusses the challenges of dieting, paraphrases Jesus, and revels in the fun of Elizabeth’s sound effects board. This episode will have you yelling Hoo-ah! Enjoy!


long_time_listener_1st_thyme_poster says:

This was so, so funny. This is the best podcast you have done so far and was the best podcast on earwolf this week. It was so good that I am now considering getting some tattoos:
*Ruby the Dog on my lower back
*L-A-I-M and E-W-A-D on my knuckles
*tear drop on my face (this is unrelated to the podcast)

Marques says:

Favorite quotation from the episode, “Youuuuu dumb dicks!” Laughed out loud at my desk at work. Had I been drinking milk, it would have shot right out of my nose.

randomlistener says:

OH cool! This episode escaped my attention somehow! Dan Harmon’s as egoistical as he is genius. I love his works and can’t wait to listen to this at work.

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