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Matt Belknap!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 135

Listen in as our friend from Never Not Funny and, Matt Belknap describes to us how to play Candyland with kids, how he felt like an outcast taking the short bus to school as a child, and what it was like growing up in a haunted house. Plus, Andy & Elizabeth have their own stories about dealing with creeps. Enjoy!


lars says:

ok, please talk about this more. toilet seat up or down. Don’t you women realize that when you leave the toilet seat down in a unisex bathroom, guys will pee on the toilet seat? they might wipe it off after, (only if they’re at risk of getting caught), but there will still be pee matter left on the seat. If I was a woman, I would always lift up the seat after I was done to ensure that the seat stayed clean. If you leave the seat down, it will guaranteed get peed on.

Erica says:

I hadn’t ever thought of it that way.. but as a girl it does suck when you’re expecting the seat to be down and it’s not and your ass gets dunked in to the toilet..

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