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Fiona Gubelmann!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 142

The loveliest actress, Fiona Gubelmann whom you know from the awesome FX show, Wilfred, came by and charmed us all with discussions of haunted/stained hotel rooms, fear of flying, and her intense love of animals! We are smitten. Enjoy!


Richard says:

-Andy is right about hotel pillows. Usually pretty stained from sweat/drool. Not much can be done about it.

-When sleeping, you don’t breathe as heavily as you do while awake. If your mind happens to wake up before your body does, it can feel like you’re being held down by an immense pressure on your chest when in reality it’s just normal, shallow sleep-breathing.

Richard says:

Ohhh also, Elizabeth I definitely feel the same thing as far as animal rescue work goes, though I’d lost my faith in humanity long before I started volunteering. Still, I had to step back as well and not get involved in the public side of rescue work. It’s way too upsetting.

Nick says:

Probably true about the Vegas hotels. Lots of suicides. About six months ago at work, a guy jumped off the top of the parking garage while I was on my lunch break. Landed right in front of me (About 20 feet or 30 feet in front of me, but when I tell the story, I make it sound like he almost hit me).

Nick says:

Sleep paralysis explains a lot of creepy/unexplained things like being held down or unable to move. Coming out of sleep you can be partially dreaming, still paralysed, and seeing the room your in. Take out the dream, and a ghost is holding you down. Add the dream and it’s aliens in your bedroom abducting you.

On the plane thing. I have a MUCH bigger fear of being asleep/unconscious in public than I could ever have of flying. It boggles my mind when people say they sleep on planes.

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