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Just Go For It!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 7

What starts with Mariah Carey and ends with jealous husbands? THIS EPISODE! Elizabeth and Andy discuss pop superstars and then delve into some awesome listener questions about taking leaps in life and how couples handle one another’s successes. Be sure to stop by on Wednesday for our Halloween special!


robin says:

I just wanted to tell you that when Andy said, “I feel like if I was listening I would hate us right now,” I thought, “No, no, I have never liked you better”. I love the sock story and the Mariah argument.

The best smelling laundry detergent by far (by far!) is Persil, which is a german brand you can find through Miele dealerships. It is amazing and the scent is perfect and stays on the clothes just the right amount. I keep wanting to blog about it, but it seems a bit ridiculous…so I have found a home for this thought here, in your comments.

You’re getting better and better, well done!

Jeanenne says:

I could listen to you two discussing accidental sock theft and debating Mariah Carey insanity every day. For the record, 8 hours of a massage with Borat on a loop is bonkers. No question.

Emily says:

Hey Elizabeth and Andy! Just wanted to say how much I absolutely love the podcast, and how grateful I am that I happened to listen to this particular episode today. It seems sort of meant to be, as I am currently stuck in a job I hate as well. Your advice to take a leap of faith and move on is really inspiring, and nudging me further towards doing what I’ve been afraid to up till now – so thank you!!

Also, Elizabeth is totally right – there’s just something deeply unsettling about a damp bathroom-magazine.

You guys rock!

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