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Happy Halloweeny!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 8

In this verrrry spooky episode, Elizabeth and Andy share their scary tales as well as listen to two ghost stories from listeners. Buckle your freak-out seatbelts for it’s going to be a scarrrrry ride!


Richard says:

Oh this is going to be so awesome. Though I’m not sure if anything can top Mary Elizabeth’s story from Totally Laime. That still freaks the fuck out of me whenever I think about it.

Sam says:

That was so fun listening to you guys listen to my story and thanks for the advice! HILARIOUS “lets go fun”…me and my boyfriend already get stoned and walk around all the time. So don’t feel bad for suggesting that. But thanks for the other ideas! We definitely need to go skating and yeah…my boyfriend would probably just laugh at me if i suggested we go make pottery…I think I’ll save that one for a girl date πŸ™‚

Richard says:

Hey Sam! I was hoping you might write in. I had a spoooooky idea about what you guys could do for a date. Most areas have some kind of ghost stories, however unsubstantiated they may be. You could put together a list of supposedly haunted locations, wait til night, and go snooping around. I’ve done this before with some friends and it was really fun.

Kelly says:

Hi! New listener here catching up on some old episodes – love the podcast! I just HAVE to ask.. did you know that Edward Penishands is an actual porn video from back in the day? I’m guessing maybe early 90’s. Your halloween costume brought back a very awkward childhood memory that involved discovering the title “Edward Penishands” on the video store receipt left in my Dad’s car. It made quite the disturbing imprint on my memory… maybe one day I’ll be able to bring it up to them and laugh about it. 20 years and counting….

Elizabeth says:

Haha! Yes, Kelly, I did discover that long after Andy began the penis hands tradition! I’m pretty sure he knew it too, but don’t think it was the costume inspiration. So sorry about that incident with your Dad! Yikes! I too found some porn in my dad’s tennis bag as a teenager – it was naughty teacher stuff, so disturbing. Eeep!

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