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Meg Myers!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 144

Meg Myers is going to be a household name someday soon. She’s an insanely talented singer/artist and she is also probably the person who knows Elizabeth and Andy the best in all of the world…. You’ll be hearing a lot about skeletons and death and pet rats, and it’ll all be totally worth it when you hear the really fucking amazing song at the end!


Germ says:

I thought the same thing and i could sort of see why they hadn’t with how shy she is. But I thought it was a very entertaining episode. I liked hearing them try to pry out her inner thoughts like frustrated parents, and I think she’s more interesting to hear talk than she gives herself credit for.

Sam says:

She does seem pleasantly winsome, but isn’t this one of those situations where there’s some danger that confidently trumpeting Meg’s coming superstardom more or less ensures that it will not happen?

It certainly shows a lot of moxie.

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