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Dream State!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 10

What do our dreams mean? In this ep, Elizabeth and Andy try to tackle this question as well as answer listener questions about calling “dibs” in dating, making friends in a new city, not liking your friend’s significant others, and oh yeah… the miracle drug that is CIALIS!!! Enjoy!


william says:

Love you guys, love both podcasts. Not a great one for Andy. Bro code means your buddy’s girls are like kryptonite, and he did sound a little dicky at the end of the dream stuff.

Richard says:

Whenever I hear the theme song I do a little, stupid arm dance and do an impression of the guy saying “The old ball and chain.”
I’m so upsetting.

warg says:

“Bro code” is for children. You can’t call dibs on a woman. They aren’t objects to be possessed. The same guys that bitch about this kind of thing are the ones that are “nice guys” but keep getting put in the “friend zone”. Losers in other words. Either a woman is attracted to you or they aren’t and if they aren’t there is no reason why your friend shouldn’t be allowed to give it a shot.

Betsy says:

Because I am trying to listen to your episodes from the beginning I have to comment here. The cialis guy, tell your wife the longer you hold out the worse it will be. My husband unfortunately has ED due to his diabetes. I found this out 2 months into our marriage when we went over 2 weeks without having sex. I was completely devastated and thought it was me he just wasn’t into anymore. Turns out he was just out of Viagra. Knowing this now has completely taken any spontaneous love making. I still feel like its me who can’t turn him on. And it really sucks having to tell my husband I want to do it just so he can take his pill. But your wife needs to know, so she can’t start to understand when she’s in the mood and gets turned down.

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