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Procrastination Nation

Today, I am diving into a re-write of the pilot I’ve been working on for months. It’s a pretty major overhaul, and it’s always hard for me to start anew on something I’ve already started anew and finished multiple times before. It’s always tempting to just toss it out and start something else fresh instead of going back to yet another rewrite, but I know and love the characters in this pilot so much that I’m determined to make this work.

So. Because today is the day and it is 11:45 AM and I was supposed to start writing at 9:30, this is what I’ve actually done today:

1. Cuddled my dog.

2. Made an appointment to get my hairs cut.

3. Took pictures of my dog.

4. Watched three episodes of Sex And The City.

5. Dusted off my neti-pot and neti-potted my noser.

6. Treated a stained sweater with stain removal.

7. Looked at real estate online I will never be able to afford if I don’t actually ever write anything.

8. Clipped my nails.

9. Wrote this blog post.

The one constant that has carried me through all of these activities has been me feeling guilty about not writing. Which I hate. And yet, I have never once in my life, not ever once! actually sat down to write the thing at the exact time in the exact way that I’d planned…

So. I think it’s time to give myself a break. I know this will get written. This slow entry is just part of the process and the beating myself up about it doesn’t serve me. And, on the upside, if it weren’t for “writing” I would probably never ever neti pot or stain remove or nail clip or hair appointment make.

Now. It’s time to write… After just one more episode of Sex & The City.

(Please let me know how you procrastinate in the comments!)


Richard says:

Rewriting is soooo much harder than just making something new. I have one short story that I return to every year or two with the intentions of rewriting and I end up basically changing everything and only keeping thematic elements.

There’s no harm in starting a new project. Keep the same characters and put them in new situations. Your deep understanding of them will come across in the writing.

Procrastination…man. Podcasts are pretty much what I lose most of my time to. I aim for 1,000 to 2,000 words of writing per day, but I usually end up with 200-500. But I’m grateful for that.

But the nice thing about writing is you are kind of always working. Every new book you read, movie you see, or podcast you listen to, you’re learning.

Paul says:

I just listen to Nerdist Writers Panel podcast about writing. I have also been rewatching Battlestar and I want to start writing. I want to create something or write in someone Universe do badly now. I need a deadline though, some date that I need to do it by or I will never do it.

Tracy says:


Sometimes you just have to let yourself off the hook. It’s hard to be creative when your not in the mood. I understand not wanting to go back on something your already finished. I don’t like to even proof read my emails. Tell yourself it’s okay not to write today and try to start first thing tomorrow.

Have a great day! Love the podcastsss have been listening since the start long before earwolf.

Thanks for the laughs.

Fellow animal lover

Sarah says:

Hi Elizabeth!!! I am in the same exact spot today! So…I currently work full time, am a wife and mother of two and am attending law school online. I was also volunteering but had to take a break from that because I have too much going on. So today is my day off and my plan was to take the kids to school and then catch up on homework all day. It is 1:53 pm and I have not done any homework yet. Things I have done:

Slept in

Ate waffles

Checked twitter and Instagram

Took pictures of my homework clothes for Instagram

Watched 2 episodes of Disappeared on ID

Washed my face

Put on makeup

Turned on my laptop and opened a word document

Wrote this comment!!!

So we are in the same spot!! I feel ya girl. Working at home can be such a challenge sometimes. I know we can do it though!!! Good luck on your pilot! You are awesome and hilarious and I know will write something amazing : )

– Sarah/fellow procrastinator

Chase says:

I’m late to this post but as a fellow writer, I’ve always thought it was funny that I will not hesitate to write something else while putting off the thing I’m avoiding writing. It isn’t the act of writing that I resist, but the actual thing I’m writing about, for whatever reason. Like right now, I’m supposed to be writing an 800 word essay on the history of the microscope. No thanks.

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