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Savior Saturday!

Hi Guys! Ruby here, wanting to tell you about one of my amazing fur friends who is stuck in a shelter but needs to have a warm bed, a loving family and lots of walks, treats and tail wags, just like me!


Meet Jersey! She is at the North Central Shelter here in Los Angeles. You can tell from her vid that she is soooo sweet and awesome. I just know we’d be BFF’s.

She’s 2 years old, weighs 63 pounds, and has been at the shelter for waaaay too long!

Please spread the word and let’s get this girl out! Her ID number is: A1350993. You can call the shelter or better yet, just get your tail over there and bust her out!

North Central Animal Care and Control Center –

3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, California 90031


It would make me happier than anything in the world. Well, except for maybe an entire bacon cheeseburger. Those would be equal happiness makers. A  bitch has got priorities, people.

Please tweet, retweet, facebook, email, and all those other things you humans are doing all the time!


malin says:

Hey guys! Love both of your podcasts so much. Just one quick question; is there a fee involved in taking on a shelter dog? I dont mean maintenance costs like food etc, so I guess what I am asking is if you pay a fee to the shelter for example to get the dog?

Elizabeth says:

Hi Malin! Thanks so much! There is a small fee to adopt from a shelter – usually around $100 which includes spay/neuter, & vaccines. Sometimes there are special promotions which would make it less, just contact your local shelter for info!

Sara says:

Malin, the adoption fee at animal shelters usually includes spay/neuter, their first round of vaccinations and licensing with the local animal control as required by law.

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