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No Thanks, Negativity!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 11

Today is all about staying positive! Elizabeth and Andy discuss how they can use a little help in that department – In life and love. The positivity spills over into our listener questions about wanting to stay un-married, love and money, and how to make long distance work. Enjoy!


Chester says:

You know, it’s funny — although when it comes down to it, I really can see the value in not indulging in negativity, whenever someone says something like, “you’ve got to stay positive!” it absolutely makes my skin crawl.

Richard says:

Hahahaha. I laughed out loud in public, embarrassingly when Elizabeth said, “my sister’s in-laws…HATE ANDY.” Something about the inflection and the scenario presented, just hilarious. Poor Andy.

amanda vucic says:

I can relate to the thought of changing negativity. I took a seminar called ” the nurse athlete program” and one of the speakers emphasized that we need to maintain laser focus on our goal and move forward despite the challenges presented. He said we need to make sure we aren’t rewriting stories in our head in a negative way. We need to replay the days events to make sure we focus on what actually happened vs rewriting the story, and how to move forward. I find myself replaying events in my head and realizing that I am sometimes rewriting them- it makes things more clear and real to think about what you are adding to the story. It tells a lot about our mindset, focus, and confidence.

Dawn Ceesay says:

Dear Elizabth and Andy!
I am having so much fun listening to your podcast! I am always downloading things for the kids and found your podcast also, which is a nice change from Sesame Street! I am listening to you from Gambia West Africa and so I can’t leave a rating on iTunes but you definetly get a 5 star rating from me!
Can’t wait to hear more!
Thank you

Sarah says:

I know how hard it is to be positive sometimes. I am guilty of being too negative. Ask my husband! He hates how negative I am. I always seem to pick out the bad things instead of looking at the good things. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis and continue to work on. I just remember how lucky I am to have an awesome husband who I love dearly, and two amazing kids who are healthy and happy. Life is good, I just have to remind myself sometimes. Let’s all kick negativity’s ass!!!!

Baci says:

Totally agree on the long distance thing! My husband and I were seperated for 2 years while he was in grad school. He proposed to me after the 1st year and it was great!

Sarah says:

Hey Elizabeth and Andy,

This is Sarah who had the “anti-marriage” question on this episode. I really appreciated your thoughts, and I thank you taking the time to respond to it. Although Elizabeth, I agree with you, Andy’s response of, “you can always get divorced” isn’t exactly a “solution” I’d like to consider. I’d much rather NOT get married in the first place–it seems like a good way to avoid both an unhappy marriage and/or divorce in one fell swoop.

Regardless, I think you gave me some things to think about, specifically about living in fear, or at least not fully participating in life because of fear.

Thanks again,

Bethany says:

Hey! I’m the OKCupid girl from minute 11. 🙂 It’s been almost 2 years and we still can’t get enough of each other. You guys had some great advice. Thanks for not telling him to “run for the hills”, haha. I also feel the 40% match is based off things you have in common – and having something in common doesn’t always mean you’re compatible or not. Honestly, the only big differences for us were politics and religion. We respect each other’s views. We both want kids one day, but he has no issues with me raising them in church and is completely supportive of it.

Love your podcast! Thanks!

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