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In Sickness & Health!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 12

Andy’s a sick pup today so Elizabeth and him discuss how sickness should be handled in marriage and in their future. They also address listener questions about bullying, sex, and how to move on. Enjoy!


richard says:

In regards to the dude asking about how to stop thinking about his ex, I would say spend as much time as you can with your emotionally stunted guy friends (if you have any). Social pressure will probably keep you from being the annoying guy who won’t shut up about his ex.
Other than that, it’s just going to take time.

LL says:

Absolutely loved the episode today. It’s great to hear another married couple’s opinions and situations in regards to money, sex and even the bullying. I wish I could talk to more of my friends who are in relationships about their stance and experience with money and sex, but unfortunately I think it’s very tough to have a conversation, even with your closest friends, and be so completely vulnerable about those topics without first having the slightest idea on if they can relate or if your situation is totally weird. Also on the bullying subject, my husband and I haven’t decided if we’re having kids or not and I think one of my many worries about being a parent concerns how to handle it if my kid were to be bullied. So thank you for being so honest and open about this situation. All in all – absolutely great show!! So excited you guys have started this series!! Keep up the great work!

Brandon says:

As a person who has spent way too many hours listening to your podcasts I feel like I have never heard you two talk about your wedding. Maybe you have and I just don’t remember, but either way you should talk about it more. I think you’ve talked about your ex boyfriends balloon wedding more than you have your own.

Also in regards to Richard’s comment: It’s ironic that Andy has to make an effort to find friends because I’m sure everyone (or at least the guys) that listen to these podcasts would love to be his friend.

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