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Brian Finkelstein!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 146

He’s the newly betrothed host of The Moth, the wonderful Brian Finkelstein shares with us his wedding deets, what it’s like being the second favorite son, and we all discuss the one thing we have in common even though he’s never been there: Montana. Enjoy!


Samantha says:

What version of the song “Lights” is it playing at the end of this episode?! I love it! Also love you two crazy kids. I’m making my way through all of your episodes and am seriously obsessed, you guys keep me laughing so much my co-workers probably think I’m insane!! Keep it up!

Raxozellet says:

There was a mention of an app that’d you’d put a picture of someone you knew and it’d bring up porn of someone who likes like that. While this is not an app it is a community on Reddit that essentially does that. You post a picture of someone you know or an actress and then wait for the community to find porn that looks like that person.

It’s pretty creepy actually, but relevant haha

Tia says:

Whoa! Whoa!!!
I’m a recent laimewad and came across your Totally Married blog and couldn’t get enough so I transitioned to here and then I find out Andy is a fellow U of M alum and I almost totally died!!!!!! I think we may have had some mutual friends! I KNEW you guys were cool!
Anyways – love love love me some Montana!! I live in Maui now but am constantly nagging my husband about how much cooler Montana is! (If you guys are ever in the islands – I would love to meet and me and Andy could reminisce about all things Missoula!! Go Griz!! 🙂
Keep up the funny!!

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