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Tougher Times

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 13

Sometimes in marriage as in life, things get hard. Today’s episode addresses some of these times after Elizabeth’s had an emotional day and our questions point to the tougher times. We all have them, we might as well get through them together!


Baci says:

I thought you podcast was great today. Some very really issues! For the girl who was having fertility issues I would say try to think it like this. Yes, this is taking you a really long time and it SUCKS but at the end those 3-4 years will seem like nothing when you have a lifetime with a child. You have to try to remember that there is an end in site and that is a baby! (I should mention this is all coming from firsthand experience.)
I completely agree with what Elizabeth and Andy said about being able to talk about it with someone. If you don’t want to always talk to a spouse about it, try a sibling or a parent. Someone who you feel comfortable with saying whatever you feel even if you think it is irrational.
Ironically I often feel like it makes me feel better to hang out with some friends who have kids. Kids are so funny and full of life. They always put me in a better mood and remind me of what is to come.
I hope that helps!
Love you Elizabeth and Andy

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