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Happy Thanksgiving Laimewads!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Just a few things I’m grateful for:

1. Andy

2. Ruby

3. All the Laimewads!!

4. Roomba (I don’t have one yet but I like knowing that they exist)

5. This new Lame/Totally Guide To Inflection sent to us by the fabulous Mike Cantor!

I haven’t yet figured out how to embed this, but please follow the link and check this super fun widget out. Mike took the different inflections on everyone’s answers to Lame vs. Totally and organized them in this nifty widget. This is one of my favorite parts of podcasting – having our talented, creative listeners send us stuff like this that blows our minds!

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, Mike recently created an amazingly creative, kick ass music video called “Freckle” for Brandon Patton, using NINETEEN THOUSAND velcro dots! Please check it out HERE.

Please let us know if you had fun with the widget in the comments 🙂

Now go eat PIE!




Brian says:

Just listened to the latest Totally Married with the account of Andy’s attendance of an air sex contest. Just wanted to say that “I don’t think anybody wins with rape” might the the most profound statement you’ve made to date.

Love both the podcasts, please keep it going.

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