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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 15

What phase is your relationship in? Andy and Elizabeth attempt (poorly) to break it down and answer listener questions about fertility, passion, and proposals. Enjoy!


jim says:

love your show. great advice, great relationship. one piece of advice to you though after hearing this episode. It’s great to be open with each other and talk about everything like you two are doing, but put it to rest when you’re tired or spent 4 days non stop in vegas together. In this episode it sounds like you’re both struggling to be non-combative, and the discussion between you too leads nowhere. It just seems to breed resentment. Take a break. shut up. And never point out to the other that they’re in a bad mood when they are. If they’re yawning, grumpy, don’t ask why. Just let it be. You’ll have a great future.

Emilie says:

Ahhh, not sure if I agree about the therapy thing.

Couples usually end up in therapy because of lack of communication, and then to go to therapy together and hinder communication further, to avoid hurt feelings?

You have to brutally honest in therapy otherwise you will leave with something on your chest, that you will just bury down and bring up again and throw in your partners face later.

Patrick says:

Hey guys, just wanted to drop a line and say that you, Andy, really knocked it out of the park with that “Lights” cover (I can’t recall if you played it on Totally Married or Totally Laime, it’s all one big, lovable blur). Really enjoyed those Pixies-esque guitar riffs. Also, if I lived in LA, I’d totally hang with you. Thanks for being two very awesome humans, and tell Ruby I said hi.

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