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Engagement Pro!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 16

Andy finally shares the story of how he proposed in this episode! After that, we dive right into listener questions about calling each other out in public, and how to navigate the holidays both financially and emotionally. Enjoy!


lars says:

that was the best engagement story ever. i’m crying and I’m a dude. and excellent story telling. hey, I’m hooked on your show, and trying to listen to all of them. it’s a bit annoying when you get to page 7, you have to click click click, you can only go directly to either page 3 or 40…

Richard C says:

As a fellow athiest, I must say that Andy really nailed the Christmas question.
There’s really nothing religious about the holiday. This is America. It’s a consumer holiday. It’s nice to give people gifts. Just look at it like that.

DT says:

Totally podcast through all the phases of your marriage; the ups and downs. What I like about the show is that you guys aren’t pretending to be this perfect ideal couple that we should aspire to. Instead, you present the ideal of a couple who communicate and work through issues, which all couples face.

Malin says:

You guys HAVE to tell us why on earth these inlaws hate Andy! How can anyone hate Andy!? He seems so lovable! Which makes me so freakin’ curious about what makes them dislike him. Please tell!

Malin says:

Also, Elisabeth, I would really like to hear you as a guest on comedian Paul Gilmartin’s podcast The Mental Illness Happy Hour. I don’t know if you have battled depression or anxiety or anything like that, but surely you must have had an extremely difficult time when both your parents passed, and it would be great to hear you talk about that more in depth in for example Pauls podcast. I would also love to hear you as a guest on the You Had To Be There podcast. Maybe I should be writing this to THEM, recommending you as a future guest, but I also think you could suggest yourself/volunteer yourself to these podcasts. πŸ™‚ Love you guys, keep up the great work.

SAYSAY says:

Speaking of guesting on other podcasts, I keep waiting for Andy to go on the Get Up On This podcast. Elizabeth and Meg have gone on the show, and I feel that Andy would fit right in with Jensen and Matty.

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