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Greg Tuculescu!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 148

He’s a fixture on the improv scene as well as a talented actor in movies and TV, the wonderful Greg Tuculescu came over and shared tales of a nudist roommate, how he met his cat and why he’s not a fan of mushrooms. Enjoy!


Malin says:

Great episode and guest! I wrote a comment earlier suggesting you as a guest on some other great podcasts Elisabeth, but I forgot to mention that I would love to hear the mentioned podcast hosts on YOUR show too. SO I would suggest Sara or Nikki from he You Had To Be There podcast, or Paul Gilmartin from the Mental Illness Happy Hour-podcast as future guests.

Erica says:

Oh man I had the worst trip on mushrooms.. I thought the walls were bubble wrap and tried to pop them for hours and finally tried to calm down by watching Team America: World Police in a white room. That part was hilarious, the rest was an experience to say the least!

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