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Jamie Denbo!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 149

You know and love her from Ronna & Beverly, and now you can love the hilarious and talented Jamie Denbo even more with her candid talk about religion, gay cruises, and what mommy sometimes does to stay sane. Enjoy!


dude says:

I got a blowjob from a hassidic jew at the bar Cock in New York. I just had to try it when I saw one, but it was terrible and his breath stunk. There are a couple of hassidic jews frequenting that place, lurking in the shadows, waiting to suck cock.

Richard says:

Jaime Denbo! Ronna and Bev are awesome characters. I’ve often maintained that there are very few difference between Italian women and Jewish women and whenever I listen to Ronna and Bev I’m reassured of that.
Great episode!

Kate says:

I listen to every episode (Love you Elizabeth & Andy!) and I must say, that Jamie was one of my absolute favorite guests. So Funny. So Sweet. So bad ass.

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