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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 19

Sex, sex & more sex! Andy and Elizabeth share the very personal results from a sexual compatibility quiz and then answer listener questions about whether or not to take him back, and how to navigate couple friends when their relationship is in trouble. Enjoy!


Richard C says:

The results thing at the beginning was so compelling. Fantastic idea! Would love to hear more of this kind of thing. If there is more of this kind of thing? Maybe you guys could do the Myers Briggs Type Indicator test and compare and share. Or even some silly astrology thing that matches couples based on signs. DO MORE PLEASE!
I love hearing you guys chat on MWF. It’s like taking a college course in…being around awesome people…or analogies falling apart.

Chester says:

I wonder if — with a title like this one — this episode winds up getting significantly more downloads than the average episode of Totally Married. If I know the internet….

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