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“Suck” Them!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 22

In today’s episode, Andy and Elizabeth do a quick check in before addressing some follow ups on guys in wheelchairs, and soulmates before weighing in on listener questions about navigating your parents divorce, online dating and last but not least, how to properly “suck” balls during sex! Enjoy!


Richard C says:

Man, these writer-inners read like a who’s who of people that I want to be real life friends with.
Wheelchair Cassinova, smart soulmate-getter-overer lady, mysterious German girl, mountain people, reluctant/responsible older sibling/marriage counselor, prospective ball-sucker, and online dating stigma-shooter-downer.

Lil’ Tug should be Andy’s rap name.

Laimewads/weds are the best.

Lauren H says:

I wouldn’t say it’s a story quite like how Elizabeth and Andy met, but you can still have decent stories to tell from online dating in a meant to meet sort of way. After over a year of no luck on match, my boyfriend (of over 2 years now) decided to cancel his subscription b/c he didn’t think it was worth it anymore, but it had already renewed for one more month. Because of this he decided to give it one more gander and I was at the top of the list of possible matches for him so he decided to give it one last shot. Not stars aligning type stuff, but it’s sad to think that had he been able to cancel when he wanted we would have never met, especially considering I joined a few days after he had tried to cancel. (He was also the first guy I dated from the site, and my sister also met her boyfriend of almost 3 years now on match as well)

joe says:

ah that was fun episode. Wheelchair man here. 😛 I actually tried online dating myself when I was in art school in San Francisco (frisco as someone calls it…Andy is right, btw, most people do get annoyed there when you call it that). I started chatting with this gorgeous girl who lived in berkeley and we had gotten to the point where we might meet in person. That was when I started panicking because I hadn’t really talked about my disability with her yet. In the end, life intervened anyhow and I had to move back home so nothing actually happened but it made me realize that I had no idea how to introduce that in an online environment. I’m too used to it being an obvious part of who I am when people meet me in person. And on some level, I think online I prefer them to not know about it. Pity sucks and no one should have to experience it. I have no idea how many times in my 35yrs I’ve heard things like “I’m so glad someone like you is out drinking tonight!” and drunk people hugging me and saying “I have this {friend, sibling, uncle, etc inserted here} that is just like you!”

Hrm, now that I think about, I should write a book about all the different experiences i’ve had over the years. I bet people would have their minds blown at things I kind of take for granted at this point.

Great episode, guys!

Richard C says:

Hey Joe.
As an able-bodied person I think the best way to introduce your disability to someone is just to be direct about it and let your conversational partner know what kind of reaction is expected.
Something like: “Hey, let’s just get this out of the way now, I’m in a wheelchair. My condition is _______. It effects me like ______. I’ve moved past it, the sooner you know about it the sooner you’ll be able to move past it. Pity makes me uncomfortable.”

Just my opinion.

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