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Xmas Eve Cat Poop!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 23

It’s Christmas eve, so naturally the topic of cat poop is delved into. Also, Andy and Elizabeth answer listener questions about xmas gifts, masturbation, and porn! MERRY CHRISTMAS! (if that’s your thing…)


Richard C says:

Ahh toxoplasma gondii. Always been my understanding that it’s more of a WHEN you’re pregnant no cat poop thing. Spent about two months studying this in one of my psych classes. If I remember correctly: lives in the cat’s digestive track, gets in a rat’s brain and causes changes the rat’s behavior. Causes rats to no longer be afraid of cats. Actually makes it so that they the odor of cat urine no longer puts them off and will cause rats to not be afraid to enter cat nests.
I think there’s probably evidence that it actually changes human’s brains too, leading you to love cats. So yeah, us cat lovers might be victims of parasitic brain infections. Scary to think about, but I’ll take a brain parasite if it means that I get to continue enjoying cats as much as I do.
One of the maybe-real side effects is that people with Toxo in their brains are more likely to get into car accidents. Kinda weird.
Merry Christmas.

Hannah and Lucy: Awww, you two are so cute. I’m so happy that you found each other.

Richard C says:

Elizabeth, you’re slipping. How did this line from Andy get by you?!

Andy (on the subject of premature ejaculation): “I’m sure there is loads of information on line.”

Step up your game, Laime!

Monia says:

Oh gosh, I’ve got so much to say on the porn issue! But I’ll shoot an email about it.

Merry christmas guys, super glad I woke up to an episode from you two!

Mike says:

Love both podcats you guys are great wanna do a couple nitpicks though.

1) I was facepalming pretty hard when Elizabeth was trying to argue with Andy about how to use dicks properly. Perhaps it would be a good idea when giving genital related advice to defer to the person who has that particular type of genitals? Just sayin.

2) I was a little annoyed also at the response to the girl whos bf doesnt have sex with her as much as she likes yet still masturbates. Assuming his level of sexual desire is a problem and blaming it on porn seems to be a jumping to conclusions on a pretty epic scale. First of all she talked to him and he said he has always wanted sex less than his girlfriends. Isnt this allowed? People are individuals and nobody is automatically entitled to the exact amount of sex they want from their partner right? Maybe he is just a low sexual desire tyoe person? I realize this doesnt fit our stereotypes of men and women, but suggesting therapy because somebody doesnt fit our notion of gender roles seems a little offensive.

Second in my own experience ive definetly had times in a past relationship where I wanted sex less than my gf at the time, I was working two jobs and was tired a lot. She wanted sex a lot. I didnt cause I was fucking tired. I did still masturbate though because its a lot easier and less time consuming but still relieving to some extent. Also this was in the 90s and we didnt have internet and being a young delicate thing (at the time)I was far too embarassed to buy porn in stores then. So no porn involved. Instead I faped to girls I worked with (or yes the gf sometimes but fantasizing about someone your with seems to kind of defeat the point a bit, at least in my opinion. Curious on this one too if most people only fantasize about their spouses/significant others. Amongst my friends (male and female) that definetly isnt the case but hey maybe I choose especially pervy friends) .

So in addition to providing a counter point to “its porns fault”, I am curious are females more threatened by men looking at porn or imaginging girls he knows? Because it seems to me those are the choices available because it seems the vast vast majority of humans masturbate porn or no. Of course with the imaginging girls he knows he would have much better plausible deniability since he could just not share it since it only takes place in his head and there are no digital fingerprints like porn leaves now. So I guess thats the big difference, the availablity of porn today gives people a glimpse into their partners head they may not have had in the past.

Anywho sorry this is overly long and underly funny. But hey I have insomnia and my brain locked onto to your show for some reason. Probably a testament to how awesome it is. Merry Xmas and all that.

Jillian says:

I think Andy is talking about X-Art porn (usually marketed as female friendly). I totally co-sign that the actors are much more attractive and the sex does not feel degrading to women.

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