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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 24

Elizabeth makes a huge confession in today’s post Xmas episode before she and Andy answer listener questions about financial support from parents, difficult exes and when the relationship is starting to feel like a one way street. Enjoy!


Erika says:

Best comment ever:
“You’re not a fraud at all…just a liar.” Hahaha!! Perfect comic timing, Andy! I believe in white lies as long as they serve a purpose, such as protecting someone until they feel safe to reveal more. Please don’t feel like you’re either one. You learned a valuable lesson by getting Ruby! It doesn’t mean you should have known better, before you learned the lesson. There isn’t enough education or awareness out there. At least not enough to compete with all the designer dogs, dog shows, breeding obsessions….

jeanenne says:

Another great episode! You two are such a joy to visit with every week. Elizabeth, hindsight is tricky. Just know that you made the best decision you could at the time. And getting Ruby is probably what led you to an interest in animal rescue, which leads to great things for all the pooches in the organizations you work with. So it’s all good!

william says:

I just wanted to double down on Erika’s comment and agree with Jeanenne. There’s nothing wrong with having made the mistake of buying a dog, particularly given that you’ve put so much energy into dog rescue and took the time to actually look into the breeding industry.

I’ve been a fan since the Earwolf Challenge and really appreciate you sharing Ruby’s whole back story and your own path to dog rescue.

Tanna says:

I agree with the previous posts and wanted to say congrats for having the courage to be honest! Now think of the wonderful life you have given Ruby!

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