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Alex Blagg!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 152

Happy Merry!  Writer, comedian, producer internet-er Alex Blagg came on and discussed holiday plans, all things food and the fact that he’s become an LA cliche and he’s okay with that. Also, psychic Andy breaks some news to Elizabeth about her cooking. Enjoy!


Robin says:

I’ve always had a professional crush on Alex Blagg (I’ve always been envious of his career).

To Elizabeth’s defense, I used to live in Fort Greene, and it is close to downtown Brooklyn.

What is the name of the documentary you mentioned?

Elizabeth says:

@robin~ thank you! And, I honestly don’t remember which doc we were talking about. What was the subject matter? I’ll know it from that…

nadja says:

Love your show, to the point where I’ve almost listened to the entire archive. It struck me on this episode though how every (?) guest you have on self deprecates. Sure it’s nice and fun to be real, but hasn’t it come to a point where comedic self deprecation has become the equivalent of a tongue piercing or a matte paint job on cars?

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