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Weddings & Funerals!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 28

Andy and Elizabeth share the sage (much more sage than E and A’s!) follow up advice for previous writer-inners as well as address questions ranging from how to convince a spouse to have kids to how weddings and funerals will show you who your true friends really are. Enjoy!


Jim says:

For somer eason iTuines often screens out my comments. Here’s 5 star review I ried to leave the other day.

Title: Self esteem?!?!?!

I hope you appreciate how great both your podcasts are. We love them. The calm honesty with which you address real life is refreshing, funny and real. I listen to a lot of podcast content and you are almost always a day of release listen for me.

Btw Elizibeth I love your voice. You speak smoothly, clearly and precisely. I love it. It is almost the aural version of perfect handwriting. I’ve always loved perfect handwriting.

Anyway you should feel great. Love your content and look forward to hearing you two in the future.

Also get an Amazon click thru… I love to support the podcasts I listen to and it’s super easy to do that way. I don’t really need a t-shirt and donating a couple of bucks seems weird. Sorry to bring down an otherwise positive comment with a criticism.

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