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Under The Weather!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 29

Flu season is upon us but that shan’t stop Elizabeth and Andy from podcasting, even if it means making no sense! Listener questions about sexless marriages, blowjobs and farting are discussed. Enjoy!


joe says:

Hmm…I’ve wondered about being disabled and dating someone else in similar range of ability. I feel weird saying this, but I’m not sure I would be ok with it. I feel like that is almost hypocritical in some way. But to put it into context, I grew up in a very small rural school. The only other disabled kids I was around had mental disabilities and they all were separated from the general class in special education building (I went to elementary/middle school in the 80s, unlike today where there is a more concerted effort to integrate even those kids into the general class population, rightly so). I also changed a lot growing up, going from walking to using a chair over the course of kindergarten to senior year of HS, so my experiences are definitely not to be taken as the norm. As a result, I never really identified myself as ‘disabled’ or different until I got to late High school/college age. Side note, My parents had to fight our school system to keep them from shoving me into Special education (the schools got money for every student in the program from federal programs). Their reasoning? I had bad handwriting. I was an honors student from second grade through college so…yeah.

Besides….her tag was ‘sporty’? That probably makes us have very different interests in life. lol. I’m one of those artsy fartsy types that likes drawing and painting, reading and writing…I understand sports due to being around them through family and tv…but I care very little for them. I don’t even bother watching the super bowl if that tells you anything….watching sports is really only when going to someone else’s home and as an excuse to drink lots of alchohol.

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