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Jane Borden!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 155

She’s a fellow former deb/current-comedy-person, so it only makes sense that JANE BORDEN, author of “I Totally Meant To Do That, and Elizabeth dish on their similar upbringings, relating to teenagers (or not) and of  course, naked families! Enjoy!


Will says:

That’s so weird. I remember the movie Flowers in the Attic too as a kid. What freaked me out was that the poison was powered sugar (on some pastry she’d feed the kids). I remember not quite understanding what the movie was about but just that poison via powered sugar was a thing. I think I was too young to process that film. But I always watched Pet Sematary around that age and holy fuck balls! Talk about trauma.

Chester says:

Yes, perhaps this “naked funny picture of Andy” can be the first step in the Totally Laime website’s slow transformation into a purveyor of eccentric smut.

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