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Gossip, Gurl!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 31

It might be a Moody Monday in the Rosen/Laime household, but that doesn’t stop Elizabeth and Andy from discussing how gossip can be good for you, as well as answering listener questions about having a bisexual husband, how to cope after a friend dumps you, and how to deal with a friend who is “the other woman.” Enjoy!


Lars says:

Saying you’re bi is probably a cover for not wanting to fully admit you’re gay. It’s a lot easier to come out as bi than gay. Especially of the guy is very feminine. He’ll always secretly lust for penises. Wear a condom

Al says:

It might be a good idea to verify that the bisexual husband has a track record of forming monogamous relationships with women. Most bisexuals I’ve met are attracted to the genders in slightly different ways, and frequently come with a relationship preference and a sex preference.

Johnny says:

It would seem to me that if the bi-guy decides to get married, he should probably stop tauting his bi-ness, considering there won’t be any more one night stands or fuckbuddies. Or maybe there will be? Seems like a woman who gets married deserves that full commitment; and if the guy isn’t capable of that, he should be as honest as humanly possible and NOT GET MARRIED! If he’s confused, she can help him get counseling and support him during his soul-searching. I doubt his issues have much to do with cock versus vagina. Loving partners will hang in there. Good luck!

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