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Lions Funkin’!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 32

Elizabeth and Andy dive into some interesting follow ups on grim messages beyond the grave as well as infidelity. They also answer listener questions about family planning, battles over children and how to find the right career for yourself. Enjoy! (lions funkin’ photo will be posted on twitter today @totallylaime…)


Chad says:

Been listening from Canada and working out a prison. The inmates working in my kitchen and I love the pod cast, they ask daily when the next episode will be. On your most recient podcast you had someone write in on the anxieties of having another child. Over all the advice was great but as I Father of two and in a more traditional marriage where my wife stayed home to raise the girls I would like to add this bit of advice. In regards to money…you can never afford kids. There always be one more financle goal, and regardless whether you make 20,000 a year our a million they will take the majority of those funds. I say this I started supporting my family at 25 on $27,000 and we survived well. We are now more financially stable and things are great. My cousin is a multi millionaire and we still hear them comment on the cost of family. The fact is it works out when there is love and commitment in the marriage. Bottom line don’t let money influence the want to start a family.

Thanks for the pod cast

Canadian Dad

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