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Best Of Year Three!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 156

Holy Smokes! It’s our three year anniversary! 3 glorious years since Elizabeth and Andy began this podcast journey! In this episode, E & A reflect on their favorite moments from the past year thanks to guests such as Dan Gregor, Jon Lajoie, Tig Notaro, Bayne Gibby, Christine Woods, and Pete Holmes! Enjoy!


Chester says:

You know that your life has taken a turn for the…interesting when you find yourself uttering the line, “When I saw the lady I thought was dead, I was driving home from the shaman yesterday.”

Erika says:

I just checked out the OWN page – whoah. Oprah’s network & brand are all over the place. She needs to focus up! It also seems to have gone a little soft, more “Secret” stuff, less relevant stuff – and there is a bunch of reality/scandal tv. I hope she figures it out!
You should ask her on the podcast! I don’t know anyone on the tv side, just the magazine in NY. I’m sure someone knows someone out there in LA! Marianne WIliamson was on Super Soul Sunday, do people go to her lectures?

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