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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 33

E & A had a great day of getting things done! Even though they still haven’t made a baby! They discuss this as well as answer listener questions about how to deal with people who don’t like you, friends in new relationships, and how to approach wanting things in the bedroom to go a little differently. Enjoy!


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Richard C says:

Dealing with co-workers who don’t like you:

Happened to me fairly recently, now we are fairly good work-friends.
Two things that I did:
1) Pay them sincere compliments. The more out of left field, the better. Don’t overdue it, maybe just once or twice a week. It will catch them off guard.
2)This is a tip from old Ben Franklin (I think): Ask for a favor. Ask to borrow something, or something small like that. Not quite sure I understand the theory behind this one, but it definitely works.

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