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Wedding Video Anxiety!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 35

It’s the day after E & A’s 5th wedding anniversary and they discuss watching the video for the first time as well as answer listener questions about how/where to have sex when home isn’t an option, when you’re unknowingly involved in cheating, and when the pressure to make a human baby child becomes too much. Enjoy!


Richard C says:

Aww, you guys undersell yourself. Hearing you talk about yourselves is one of the reasons that we love the podcasts! No need for disclaimers at the top. We love you guys!

a lady says:

To the writer in-er who is looking for ways to have public sex in the least public ways possible, my advice:

1. Wear a skirt/dress. This makes the whole “getting in” and “getting out” process easier.
2. Perverted, but practical– have sex in the parking lots/baseball fields/playgrounds of schools BUT NOT WHILE SCHOOL IS IN SESSION. Schools are mostly vacant on weekends, summers, etc…and it IS kinda hot if you’re twisted.
3. Go to places that are not populated during whatever the current season. If it’s wintertime, think places like/around public pools, tennis courts, parks by lakes or beaches. If it’s summer, think of going ice skating rinks’ parking lots.
4. The stairwells of infrequently used parking garages (they usually have loud doors so you can hear when someone is coming).

I hate that this reads like a cosmo article… this advice is just from my own sexually deviant experiences (which makes it better? worse? ….I can’t decide…) Anyways, have fun!

Tom says:

I like that Elizabeth launched in to the Grindr explanation so confidently, Andy called her out on possibly not knowing what it was, and then Elizabeth sort of knew! Great podcast as always.

Peter Whitney says:

A Lady is totally right about the dress/skirt. One great thing is the changing room. Take one of those big paper shopping bags down on the floor and have your partner stand in it so you can’t see their feet and that it looks like there’s only one person in the changing room

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