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Dinosaurs & Robots!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 36

E & A get super deep. Like suuuuper deep, talking dinosaurs and technology and robots! Then they answer listener questions about dealing with difficult in laws, whether or not to be involved in an affair, and what to do when a friend is in an abusive relationship. Enjoy!


L. says:

“Whoa, dinosaurs!” Hahaha! OMG, your pillow talk sounds EXACTLY like the kind I have my gf. Recent topics include when whales decided they wanted to go back into the oceans after moving onto the land for a while and why cats carry their kittens around with their teeth. (Hint: It’s probably because they don’t have arms.)

A says:

Another weird thing about the in-law situation is that the husband didn’t warn his wife about this treatment. The fact that he used to talk to his parents more frequently until the terrible visit suggests that the parents have changed their behavior. So what’s the dilly?

I hate to play the blame game, but it is possible that the writer inner is interpreting, and therefore relaying, the parents’ behavior incorrectly. That could explain why the husband didn’t seem bothered until he brought along his wife, and it could also explain why no one else seems bothered, and why the wife implies that EVERYONE in the family, aside from her husband, bullied her during the visit.

Daughter-in-law says:

Hi there, I’m the daughter-in-law who phoned in. My husband and I have been together nearly a decade, and in those ten years his parents behaviour has changed. Every time we visit, they are bossier than the time before, and treat all four siblings + two wives more and more like children (and this gradual shift in behaviour has indeed bothered my husband since it first began a few years ago) None of the behaviour is directed at me; everyone takes it upon themselves to micro-manage every movement of the others.

When it comes down to it, my issue isn’t how the other people are behaving, but the negative vibe I am putting off because it bothers me so much to be treated like a child. I act gracious and courteous, but I can feel my discomfort hanging in the house. I see these people twice a year; they are not going to change, and future visits will be much the same, if not worse.

However, since I phoned in, my husband had a talk with his mom, and turns out she had no idea we were uncomfortable or upset at all! Turns out when I smiled and was thankful for the play-doh on Christmas morning, no one guessed how creeped out I was! That’s all that matters to me.

Elizabeth says:

Hey daughter-in-law! Thanks so much for the update – that is interesting that no one could guess and I’m glad that your husband spoke to his mom! I hope that you’ll have an easier time navigating the visits and am curious if you are thinking about staying in a hotel next time? Anyway, thanks for sharing and hope things get better with them! xo

Daughter-in-law says:

We have definitely considered staying in a hotel! The problem is not only the cost (a week at a hotel is pricey!), but also that we work in their hometown for 2-3 weeks every summer, and they would be very offended (and surprised!) if we took up residence somewhere else. The next time we see them is here in our city, and I’m taking Andy’s advice and just making all of the plans ahead of time with no input. We’ll see how it goes!

dan says:

I stumbled across your podcast about 2 weeks ago, and have been listening to your historic podcasts. I am refusing to jump ahead to find out if you have gotten pregnant yet. It’s like having a whole season of your best show on DVR and watching one episode right after each other.

Anyway, was listening to this one and wanted tell dinosaurs are in the Bible in several locations in the old testament. In the book of Job particularly.

Really enjoying your podcast….

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