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Steve Agee!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 158

We’ve loved him on Sarah Silverman, and from his podcast, “Uhhh” we are SUPER excited to hang with the funny and down to earth, STEVE AGEE. We talk fear of flying, movie memories, and what way of dying is the freakiest of them all. Enjoy!


icewater says:

I too ran away from home (age 13), in Texas, and hopped trains for the first leg of my get-away (which lasted three days before I was turned in to the cops while hitch-hiking).

I’m fairly certain I’m not Steve Agee’s father. It was just weird to hear Steve say that.

sandy says:

my neighbor just died alone like that. the building started smelling, for a few weeks until they broke down his door and found him dead. Yes it was sad and freaked me out, but then again, what would be nicer than dying all of a sudden from a stroke in your own home?

Elizabeth, you talk alot about meditation. I’ve been meditating for the past 2 years and I’m in total bliss right now. I started after I was stranded in russia by myself for 14 days and couldn’t get home and had noone to talk to. long story, but I lost my mind to my own hyperactive thoughts and it was horrible. Having too much time on my hand to think. In meditation you learn that doing nothing, wanting nothing, being nothing equals bliss. It is only tormenting to do nothing when you think you need to do something. I learned to meditate with “Art of Living” which has 3-4 day courses. Theere’s also Transcendental meditation and Vipassana Meditation, which is for free, but you need to commit to 10 days. I would recommend Art of Living for you, because they make it fun and really easy, but they charge about $2-300 for a course. Meditation is not something you learn by yourself, and forget guided meditations.

what says:

i have no idea what you said for that survey site..
the what is that? i cant find on google or any link on here please spell it out next time

emily says:

On the topic of Kodokushi and Elizabeth’s love of depressing documentaries, you should watch ‘Dreams of a Life’ (on Netflix instant watch too!). It’s based off a real story of a woman who died, and no one found her until 3 years after her death. Crazy!

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