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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 38

E & A discuss the differences in the sexes when it comes to emotional support as well as how to overcome the need for approval from other people. Then they answer listener questions about moving on from toxic friendships, whether or not to tell someone that their partner is cheating, when couples spend too much time together, combining bank accounts after marriage, and Elizabeth’s favorite topic… dog rescue! Enjoy!


A&S says:

Fear not my straight friends. We’re a lesbian couple with the same dynamic. She tells me about some thing that’s bothering her, and I start to troubleshoot/problem solve so she doesn’t have to be bothered anymore, but the opposite happens because it really bothers her that I seem so uncaring about her feelings. Then, when something is bothering me, I tell her and she’s very sympathetic but seems so uninterested in helping me fix it. So i don’t think it’s a venice/mars issue. Interestingly. I’ve been listening to you guys for weeks/months, then lastnight was the first time I had her listening too, and look what you talk about. Oh, and she worries a lot, and go figure I think its a waste of time and energy. But here we are…

happy Valentine’s Day kids!

Elizabeth says:

Hey S~ This is really very interesting although sort of a bummer! I think it comes in waves, and luckily I personally really enjoy the companion love as much if not more than the first part/passion love… Thanks for sharing!

Anita says:

This pod cast was really important for me and others to listen to… I can relate in so many ways.. listening to you talk about the need to be accepted and talking about your anxiety.. Its absolutely how I am feeling right now in life… Elizabeth you need to know that your honesty about the way you are feeling means so much to me and probably a lot of other people too.
To both of you – thank you for making me think and thank you for making me laugh. You two are such a great example of how marriage and life truly is. I’m also enjoying your new Vlog Elizabeth! Thanks for being awesome!

Rebekah G says:

Once again, coming late to comment on this, but given how much you talk about adopting a dog, I thought you’d enjoy hearing the story of my in-laws dog. They decided they wanted a dog, and they thought they had one in mind from shelters postings, and then they saw Luna. She is a big beautiful husky, with one brown eye, one blue. She is about 7 years old. Before she came to the shelter she lived outside year round, and it seems evident that she was used as a breeder. She never really had affection before coming to her now home. She doesn’t even really understand how to play with toys, because she never was played with before. She also didn’t bark or vocalize for the first few weeks after her adoption. It’s funny, actually the first time she barked was after my son was born (they adopted her when I was still pregnant) and we had taken him to go to the store and she nudged my napping mother-in-law and woke her up and barked and then looked at the door. She thought my son was her puppy. She is the sweetest dog in the world. She is gentle and loves to go for walks, and is wonderful with my son. I’m so glad they have her, and honestly I’m jealous that she’s not mine lol. Lots of love to all those who adopt from shelters!!!

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