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Joe Wengert!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 159

He’s a fixture in the improv comedy world and is now writing for the Nick Show Kroll – JOE WENGERT came on today and we discussed bad living situations, stuck styles and all of our crippling food anxieties. Enjoy!


Michelle says:

Hey hey Elizabeth & Andy! I love the show. I was listening to the latest episode this morning and musing about origination of the catchpharse “Sheeeeet”. It’s a typical chicken or the egg situation. I shared the YouTube clip with my husband and he quickly responded with a link to Wwikipedia. The link explains that the actor picked it up from his uncle and was encouraged to use it in the film by Spike Lee. When he received his first script for the Wire, it was already written in! Here’s the link: Have a great weekend!

alex says:

god clay davis!!!! so interesting.

this was a great ep, very delightful and i loved the apartment stories.

is there any chance the guy said “nice tip”?? like the tip about the collar?

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