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Tooth: Implanted!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 40

Andy’s got a full set of chompers today and is ready to share! We discuss follow ups on chocolate sauce lick-downs, when not to tell someone they are being cheated on, and answer listener questions about sexual goals, when your spouse doesn’t share your love of fitness, and what to make of “the number” (of sexual partners!) Enjoy!


Randy says:

Hi Andy and Elizabeth.

I’ve been listening to your shows through your website, but wanted to ask what is the BEST way for listeners to listen? I mean, is there any site that supports the cause better? Through itunes, or Earwolf, does it make a difference at all? Who tracks listener-ship?

Just want to be sure my listening habits are supporting y’all. I did that survey thing on or whatever it was, so hopefully they will kick down some big cash to you soon.

Keep up the great work.

Derbel McDillet says:

I think Married is an independent production separate from Earwolf.

I’m going to guess that downloading through iTunes and leaving a review might help to grow the show more than merely downloading from this site. If someone is browsing by category in iTunes, shows with a higher download count and greater number of positive reviews left are more likely to appear.

Elizabeth says:

Hi @Randy! Thank you so much for caring/asking! @Derbel is right, TM is independent of earwolf, but for both shows anywhere you listen will go towards the same # count, it all links back to the same file. However, leaving feedback on itunes is always a huge support too! 🙂 thanks so much!

Brendan says:

Hey Elizabeth and Andy,

Just wanted to clear the air a bit on my question today about exercise in marriage. I definitely am not a tyrant about it in the house, like one might assume. I never have owned a scale (I don’t feel weight is ever a good measure of fitness or health)…and never will. I never give my wife a hard time about anything she eats and never nag her about not joining me while I’m working out. After I heard you guys talk, I totally agree that if someone just gained 60lbs on a 110lb frame for no reason, there definitely is other things at play. So my hypothetical is really mute at that stage, as divorce would probably be for the plethora of other reasons behind the weight gain. I will add that she thinks that I have a slight jealousy issue with her metabolism gift, but I completely disagree and would KNOW that I would work out solely for the other benefits that Elizabeth briefly touched on. Lastly, the respect factor I talked about is probably the thing that bugs me the most. Just as other couples might find it completely disrespectful if a partner doesn’t bath, brush their teeth, or clip their nails to keep a level of attractiveness, I have the same inherent feeling about exercise. Thanks guys for the input and I will keep listening. Loved the first Vlog entry. – Brendan

Steve says:

Isn’t it kind of immature to be offended that Andy is making dietary changes for his own reasons and not a result of cajoling by the part of his spouse? Also, if he takes pride in having made these changes, it’s pretty selfish to demand that you be given credit for it. Allowing someone to change you is NOT an indication of how much you care for them.

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