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Lauren Lapkus!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 160

You know this bubbly gem from Are You There, Chelsea and the LA improv scene, LAUREN LAPKUS came by and we talked travel nightmares, bathroom scenarios, and why one should NEVER body pack drugs. Enjoy!


DT says:

Search for engagement fails on YouTube. There are many videos of proposals in public places where the woman says ‘no.’ They’re like car wrecks. You feel so bad for everyone involved, but you can’t look away.

Richard C says:

Yeah, like DT said there are tons of car wreck engagement videos.
Awesome episode! I don’t think I’ve really heard Lauren on a podcast out of character aside from the little bits at the beginning of Improv 4 Humans.
I wish Ghost Chat could become a recurring subject. Anyway to work ghosts into Totally or Lame rapidfire?

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