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Paul Gilmartin

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 161

After having been a guest on his poignant podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour, Elizabeth knew that today’s guest, PAUL GILMARTIN, would be a perfect fit for TLP and she wasn’t disappointed. They talk fantasies, serial killers, homeless children, and why crabs are equivalent to 70’s era bush! Enjoy!


dt says:

I agree with your writer-inners who tout the importance of you hashing out advice, even if the end result is not necessarily what I agree with, or what someone else finds useful.

Paul is amazing and does so much to take us toward viewing mental illness the same way we view bodily illness: away from shame and toward empathy and support.

bon says:

Elizabeth, I’m concerned about the cat litter thing. We have 4 cats! We are also trying to get pregnant and I thought I read that as long as you wear gloves and a mask you can still clean the litter box (don’t show this to Andy). I do clean the litter box when I get my period. I figure it’s safe at that point. 🙁

Richard C says:

Yay Paul!
The Mental Illness Happy Hour is such an amazing podcast and Paul is such a great person. The only downside is that I tend to forget what a fucking hilarious person he is. Episodes like this serve as a nice reminder of that.

Malin says:

Paul is a hero, such an amazing and superfunny guy. You guys seem to have such an amazing chemistry, at least that’s the impression I get from hearing you guys talk about everything and nothing in the episode. Good one (as always)!

Katt says:

They make that coffee in Bali. Jungle cats poop it. They keep the cats in cages. I drank it. It tastes like coffee. In all fairness I’m not a regular coffee drinker. You can get it in NYC now. Probably LA too.

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