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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 43

Elizabeth and Andy follow up on the last episodes teaser regarding the taste of… well… spunk. Also, they discuss recent fertility tests as well as answer listener questions about an iphone addicted father, differences in gift giving, whether to give a guy a second chance, and to maxim or not to maxim when there are kiddos around. Enjoy!


Richard C says:

That no regrets guy is textbook sociopath. The fact that she wrote it down in the first place means that it’s weighing on her mind. As it should.
Fuck that guy to get it out of your system, but why would you ever want to be with someone who has no regard for the feelings of others?

bon says:

In response to the gift-giving couple question. My husband and I read The 5 Love Languages book before we married. It might not be their thing, but definitely something to consider. Receiving Gifts is one of the love languages and it really does help to know how to love your partner and what makes you tick. Mine actually surprised me as well as my husband’s. Here’s a link to the book:

If you’re not interested in reading it, you can also just take the test online:

im2cute says:

You guys totally made me smile today. It sounds as though maybe the vale of sadness has lifted a little from Elizabeth. It was great to hear you giggle. I also love that you are not defensive with each other even when you are hearing things that surprise you or that you may not necessarily agree with. Keep up the great podcast!!

Ashlee says:

A little late on this, but wanted to comment about the Iphone dad. I think I was idealistic about this too before I became a parent. MY kid wasn’t going to watch tv all the time, we were going to do crafts EVERY day, etc. Now a few years and a couple kids later, it’s way more apparant to me that not every moment is precious sunshine. Daily life is mundane and not every trip to the park or romp on the floor is a kodak moment. I’ve actually read Curious George to you every night for the last 450 days straight, thank you very much, and now your little sister is asking for the same book and I’ve got another 450 days of Curious George in front of me. Your kids do the same things every day. Yes I will watch you twirl the first, second, third time and tell you how awesome you are. Do you really need my reassurance after the 50th twirl? Are kids pieces of art that need to be stared at 24/7? There is something to be said about kids exploring on their own, or being creative without the constant need to look to mommy and daddy for approval. This is a quote from one of my favorite bloggers, but speaks SO clearly to how I feel about this: “I reject the notion that I should always be available as an audience, that my kids should be entitled to endless applause, and that they should get positive reinforcement for expecting it.” This is not to say that kids don’t need love and attention and feedback, but it IS a reminder that adults are people too and their needs don’t turn off just because they become parents. Sometimes moms and dads NEED to check out for a while and play some fucking Sims. (And sometimes I need to sit at Chipotle, shove some chocolate milk in the direction of my 5 year old, and read Twitter for five minutes). So yes, Iphone dad may need to put the phone away more than he does, but does he need a “house rule” that he’s not allowed to be on his own phone in his own house after a long day of work? I doubt it. I think better advise would be to find some balance between kid focus and self focus.

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