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Vlog Problems!

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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 44

Elizabeth has a bit of a life breakdown today but is able to work through it (sort of) also, listener questions about BJ’s, taking a new career path and a-sexuality are addressed. ENJOY!


Alex says:

Elizabeth, what if the vlog is like instructional? Like say you visit a stripper pole class and learn with the viewer. Something where you’re not just in your office (though I do love your wall art).

bon says:

Proud of you for crying. You probably know more than anyone, that crying is such a great way to express your emotions. I totally get being scared about the future, but try to focus on the present. You are so talented and any TV show would be so fortunate to have you on staff. Don’t give up on your dreams! {pep talk complete}

As for your vlog, maybe you could do a live segment with a running chat room to interact more with your viewers? We do this with my church. The online campus has been thriving and perhaps your vlog could work in this format. Just an idea.

Alex says:

The problem gay men have with asexuals “coming out” at a pride parade is what are they coming out for? Where is their historical struggle? Who is challenging them? I guess you could say we’re in it now, but it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around.

Richard C says:

Not at all helpful, but I’ll listen to/watch/read anything you do.

Maybe craft a survey to see what kind of things the laimewads/weds are in to. I think there are a decent chunk of aristy types around these parts. Maybe some kind of community driven group art things.

emily says:

what about for the blog you do a live call-in part, when you can talk to your many viewers actually live (kind of like Call Chelsea Peretti). Since you already have Totally Married for giving out advice, maybe the call-in could just be to chat; you can have a topic, the caller can have a topic, really anything. I realize it might be hard to have a set time that you would do the show when viewers could call in (and all the logistics involved with that), but it’s an idea!

Lori F. says:

I love that you totally broke down! It sounds like the many conversations my husband and I have. I like the idea about doing a man on the street type of vlog or a series of mockumentaries since you love documentaries so much and would make anything you do hilarious! You could do the most mundane documentaries about 1st world problems and then let the regular guy weigh in on it during one portion and do the straight faced interview during another. Hope you are feeling inspired and get to it!

Ann M. says:

Hi Elizabeth! I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your Vlog posts. I think that they are a great way to get a sense of your personality and humor in a quick and snappy format. Maybe you just need to keep doing them for a while until you feel you are getting into a groove? It may also take a while for your viewership to grow.

I wish I had some sage career advice for you. I just want to say that I admire you and Andy for trying to stay true to your values and doing things your own way. I love the podcasts and I think you’ve got something good going on there! Watch out Oprah!

joe says:

make sure it isn’t the finance stress that is coloring your vlog stress before do anything too rash. Having said that, I think it could be kind of fun if you did a call-in/livechat vlog setup if the interaction is what you are lacking. maybe do it in the format of google hangout and have conversations with a few people on some subject you pick out. Like…..Most Embarassing Crush moments. or….Andy Appreciation Hour. Nevermind, that last one sounds a bit creepy and I know he’d videobomb it in the background. probably streaking behind Elizabeth…..

richard c says:

I love Lori’s idea! You undoubtedly have a firm grasp on the beat by beat mechanics of docs by now. A mockumentary series about first world LA problems would be incredibly entertaining.

Another idea I had:
These are always my absolute favorite parts of married/laime. Maybe you could try to summon your house ghost!

slowestloris says:

Don’t worry about crying, it’s a natural response to a stressful situation and necessary to deal with pain. The fact that you can put that out there, and neither cover it up or dramatically exaggerate it, is part of what makes you such a great podcaster.

You said it yourself, but I’ll repeat it – you have a HUGE talent for interacting with people and getting them to tell their stories in an incredibly warm and funny way. I don’t know anyone who is able to create deep, funny and interesting conversations that are also broadcastable in the same way you do, and I’m so impressed by it every time I Iisten to one of your podcasts. So anything interactional (is that a word?) you do would be a hit just because of that.

I was gonna suggest the same thing that has already been mentioned in several comments – call-ins and videochats seem to be an obvious first step for the direction you want to go in.

Felicia says:

Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast today. You said something that really helped….”there are times when every blah blah blah will feel like work even if you love it”. What I needed to hear today.

Good luck with the blogs – whatever form they take.

Gabriel says:

You should try to do a couple of Google Hangouts with a few inner circle type friends or follwers to get a taste for interactivity of a talk show hosting situation with a controlled group. Hell, it could become a source of income if people can buy “tickets” to bethe Vlbog audience and you talk/interact with them. Just something to consider.

Loti says:

Ive listened to all your shows. Im an artist and listen to it while I work. Why don’t you have sponsors? It’s an excellent show. Don’t think I would watch any video as it would require me to stop working and watch. But if you insist on video I do love shows where they go up to random strangers in the street and ask questions. Public opinion on things of sort. In new York we had this program called subway something where they asked people in the subway random questions and then brought them with them on various adventures around the city. I loved that show.

Jess says:

Interesting timing – I’m in an interpersonal relationships class in university and we’ve been talking about asexuality. There is apparently some evidence in the animals world but my textbook doesn’t go into detail. It seems like it’s not much better understood in the academic world than in the general population and honestly, a lot of what we talked about in class was really similar to what you guys talked about in the podcast. Personally I can’t imagine it, but it does seem to be a real thing!

Rita says:

All I got is love for everything you do! I think the blogs are awesome as they are, but if you are needing more conversations, perhaps interview your laimewads /weds/random people with a story to tell? Kinda like a stranger This American Life. I think you are the greatest and know things will work out for you both.

Sara says:

I’m sorry the Vlogs aren’t doing it for you. My husband and I certainly enjoy watching you. I’m positive you’ll find your groove though, and I can’t wait to see what it will be!

Shelly says:

The vlog and asexuals my have gotten most listeners attention, but for me, it was your friend taking pills of her own placenta. Do people do that now?? She had mentioned that it is very nutritious and all other species eat the placenta. I grew up on a dairy farm, and majored in agriculture, and work in the industry now. Before everyone starts eating placenta, I feel like I should inform you that most species eat their placenta to hide the scent of a newborn from predators. Since humans don’t have predators, we aren’t inclined with that urge after childbirth. Love what you guys do! You keep me entertained on many work travels!

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