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Zack Gold!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 162

He’s a talented actor you might know from the award winning web series, “Stockholm” and he also happens to live a few doors down from us. The charming ZACK GOLD stopped by and we discussed virginity loss, college life, relationship would-you-rathers, and why our street is cursed! Enjoy!


slowestloris says:

Cool podcast – love the street gossip, even though I don’t know anyone involved it’s still fun.

However, Zack made two iffy comments; one where he was talking about the ugly house on the street and he added that it was a latino family that lived there, and the other when he was talking about riced up motorcycles that are too “asiany”. Come on. Not cool.

Elizabeth says:

@Slowestloris – hey, i hear ya but please know that no one would/could live on our street if they had hate/race issues. Every color of the rainbow, every sexual identification, every lifestyle preference is living here in harmony! I think he was just describing the family so we knew which house it was…

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