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Totally Married Podcast

Episode 46

Elizabeth and Andy reboot today with a little lesson in gratitude as well as answer listener questions about difficult roommates, whether or not to rekindle old flames as friends and financial infidelity. Enjoy!


Karene says:

Hey Elizabeth and Psychic Andy… just wanted to drop by and say I’ve been a devout listener for a year now and I can’t say how much I love your show. The dynamic between you two is so great and genuine. I hope you guys keep up all the great work. I wait for the moment you guys upload new shows! As much as I love Totally Laime (and I super like Totally Laime), the vibe of Totally Married is so different. Just sending out some love from a local Los Angelesian !

Lisa Kus says:

Love the respect and trust in your promise to eachother that if one says “hey, it’s time for therapy or rehab,” the other is bound to follow up on that. Right now, what seems to work best in our relationship also comes from trust and love for one another, but it’s kind of the opposite. Each person gets to decide for him/herself what medical/psychological treatment they will undergo, even if the partner wishes otherwise. We have a deep and abiding respect for the autonomy that one has over such decisions. Sometimes it causes us strain and hurt feelings. Perhaps we’re still more committed to I/me than we/us. For me it comes from a deep abiding respect that my partner is free to determine his own health habits and medical choices. Then we as a couple can deal with the consequences. I cannot force him to comply with my wishes, even if its for the good of the relationship. I don’t want him making my medical decisions either. Hopefully, the choices we make nourish our lives as a couple.

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