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DC Pierson 3rd Time!

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Totally Laime Podcast

Episode 163

Description: It’s history for Totally Laime – our first ever 3rd time guest makes an appearance and does not disappoint! Author, performer, all-around great guy DC PIERSON stops by and talks reality tv, imaginary jobs, and getting bamboozled. Go buy his new book CRAP KINGDOM right now or you’ll be missing out big time! Enjoy!


Elanoer says:

I can’t stand these pyramid schemes, but the only ‘podcast seminar’ I would throw money at is one that features (Keith and the girl). They have been podcasting for 8 years and they do it full time. So they clearly know what the deal is.

But anyway, another great episode as usual. Dc Pierson always brings the laughs.

RIP to the vlog but onwards and upwards right? (‘super excited!’)

tammylleanne says:

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